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Job Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for the following position:

Job Title: Community Care Worker

Responsible To: Care Manager

The care provided by a community care worker is what would normally be given by members of the family and does not include tasks that would normally be undertaken by a trained nurse. The following list illustrates the types of duties that a community care worker may be asked to undertake. At all times a community care worker must comply with the organisationís guidelines and policies.

  • To help people with getting up in the morning, washing/bathing and dressing, helping with undressing and going to bed in the evening.

  • To prepare meals, drinks and supper time snacks when necessary.

  • To provide assistance with toileting and changing clothes and/or bedding where necessary. To empty and cleanse commodes and wash and iron clothing (which may include laundry soiled by incontinence) when necessary.

  • To provide assistance with other tasks of daily living that the person cannot manage, which may include cleaning, shopping, collecting pension and paying bills.

  • Record information in a care plan

  • To report to the care manager any significant changes in the health or social circumstances of the client.

  • To encourage clients towards a degree of independence and activity appropriate to their abilities

  • To be aware of the appropriate action to take in an emergency.

  • To provide support to a client as part of a caring team.

  • To undergo training as necessary to carry out the duties of a community care worker. provide support to a client as part of a caring team.

  • After training to comply with manual handling legislation when moving clients.

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