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Social Care Services

A&M also offer a unique ‘social care’ service, bringing a comprehensive range of domestic and outside facilities to the care package.

Your care worker will be able to undertake personal care services such as helping you to get up in the morning, washing, dressing, toileting, bed making, helping you to go to bed at night, etc. The care worker can also assist you to take any medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor (subject to certain limitations).

Your care worker will prepare your breakfast, your mid-day meal, evening meal or supper, and any other snacks and drinks that you may need during the day. The care worker will be able to sit with you while you have your meals for conversation or companionship purposes.

Rely on A&M to provide:

  • General household cleaning/bed making

  • Washing and ironing service

  • Shopping errands

  • Client’s visits with friends and relations

  • Catheter Care

  • Companionship

  • Liaison with medical and hospital staff

  • Podiatry and dental visits

  • Personal tasks – preparing shopping lists and doing shopping

  • Personal affairs such as birthdays and anniversaries

  • Managing fuel supplies

  • Help with gardening duties

Your exact needs will be prepared when your care plan is put together.

We can give a free assessment, with no obligation to help select the best service for your needs.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.